• Bundles

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    Acne Bundle $40 (savings of $5): Acne Spot Treatment, Melaleuca & Bamboo Face Bar, Onyx Face Scrub

    Awesome Blossom (Healing) Bundle $55 (savings of $5): Awesome Blossom Healing Balm, Awesome Blossom Healing Bath Soak; Awesome Blossom Healing Body Scrub; Awesome Blossom Bath Bomb

    Baby Bundle $30 (savings of $5): Bare Baby Body Butter, Bare Baby Bum Balm, Bare Baby Body Wash & Shampoo

    Cleaning Bundle $30 (savings of $7): All Purpose Cleaner, All Purpose Concentrate Cleaner, Cleaning Paste

    Cold Relief Bundle $35 (savings of 5): Chest Balm, Cold Relief Bath Bomb, Cold Relief Bath Soak

    Face Bundle $100 (savings of $22): Absolute Oil,  Crystal Clear Face Wash, Green Tea Face Toner, Day Cream, Dream Cream & Cream Brush, Goddess Face Mask & Mask Brush, Grit & Bare It Face Scrub

    Foot Bundle $40 (savings of $5): Foot Butter, Foot Scrub, Foot Soak 

    Men’s Bundle $50 (savings of $5): Face Wash, Face Cream, Hand & Body Scrub

    Muscle Hustle Bundle $40 (savings of $5): Muscle Hustle Bath Bomb, Muscle Hustle Balm, Muscle Hustle Bubbling Bath Soak