Essential Oil Blends

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Essential Oil Blends are made with pure, undiluted, therapeutic grade essential oils and we currently offer two blends:

Pocket Full Of Posies Blend - A very versatile blend that is great for clearing the air and promoting a healthy environment. Valuable for anyone with a weakened immune system. Is also a powerful disinfectant, cleaner, air freshener and has many topical uses. A must have for every home. 5ml

Blossom Blend - Our signature blend - a calming, soothing yet cheerful blend that is made to promote a sense of well being, happiness, relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. 5ml

Pink Mint - A favourite! Think of pink mints from your childhood, mixed with a little spearmint. 5ml

Flower Power - If you are a favourite of flower scents, this blend is for you! 5ml

Nan’s Kitchen - A unique blend of citrus and spices that will be sure to bring you back to your childhood. 5ml