Great skin is paramount in great makeup application. Bare Blossom Skincare DELIVERS great skin care solutions. As a makeup artist, I believe in taking care of your skin. Thank you Bare Blossom Skincare for providing such quality products. I wriggle in your products daily!!! - Alisha Anderson, Founder & CEO of Dione Cosmetics

These products are totally amazing! After using the face cleanser, day cream, night cream and Grit & Bare It for only 3 days, my pores are smaller, my skin is so soft that when I apply my make-up it literally glides on my face. My face feels so clean, so light, no heavy greasy feel like past products i have used. Believe me I have used some of the most expensive products on the market and there is no comparison to what Bare Blossom Skincare products are doing for my face. I am in love with these products. - Joanne

My mother has very bad Psoriasis on her feet. She has seen many doctors and tried many treatments over the years. At times her condition is so bad she can hardly walk. I purchased some Healing Balm to put in her stocking at Christmas (thinking worth a try) and the results are amazing!!! She is overjoyed with the outcome! She has only been using this once a day for 2 weeks, and honestly many nights she has missed her application. Great product!! - Amanda 

I have used these products for over 2 years! My sister introduced me to these products and I am beyond in LOVE! Everything is a MUST TRY! From butters that melt onto skin, to coffee cellulite scrub, to amazing salts and scrubs! Deodorant has to be the most AMAZING PRODUCT YET! Nothing over counter could help me and I'm cured of "stink"  since switching to Bare Blossom Skincare's deodorant! Lip balms are soothing, bath bombs are amazing! - Rena

I have chronic neck/back pain from work that is only relieved with massage. I have limited range of motion in my neck because of the pain. I tried the Muscle Hustle for the first time tonight.. I am blown away!! Instant relief. I mean instant. I can actually move my neck full range with no pain. I’m giddy over here!! This product is my new best friend and is coming everywhere with me lol. And I used just the tiniest amount so the jar will last awhile. Do yourself a favour and invest in this product. It is seriously amazing! - Catherine 

From the Grit and Bear It Face Scrub, body butters, bath bombs and peppermint foot cream; I have not been disappointed yet. My new favourite is the Face Serum, which makes my skin feel soft and looking radiant. Do your body a favour and try Bare Blossom Skincare; you will be glad you did! - Gracie

I just received my order yesterday and have started using the muscle hustle balm....all I can say is thank you thank you... I can't believe on how much better my knee feels - Bonny

I purchased the body butter and it definitely makes your skin soft and it smells really really good. Also tried the facial cleanser and happy to say I take my eye makeup off with it its that gentle on the skin. Happy to support a local business with great products - Melissa

Skin Care is so such an important part of a daily routine. And Bare Blossom Skincare has it all, from exfoliators, toners and moisturizers to body butters and bath bombs. All products exceeding my expectations and leaving my skin soft, luscious and extremely healthy. I'm definitely a lifer! - Tondie

Nothing but love for the products. Made with quality ingredients which leave my skin feeling amazing.- Betty

Absolutely love every single product I've tried so far. My kids love the bath bombs and I love the face serum, bath soak ,body butter, lip balm, etc. The list goes on! I can't wait to try more products! - Sonya

I cannot get enough of these products! - Sarah

I love all of your products! They make my skin feel amazing! I tell everyone about you! - Heather

I love the face scrub and make up remover!!! So gentle for my sensitive skin yet powerful enough to get all the gunk out! Love love love and cannot wait to try more products! - Sara

After trying several acne/skin care products from very reputable companies with no success I finally stumbled upon Bare Blossom Skincare. This is by far the most amazing products that work & are not harsh on your skin; making your skin feel fresh, glowing and lightweight. I HIGHLY recommend these products to anyone looking to have flawless glowing skin without harsh chemicals! - Jennifer

Amazing all natural products that look and smell and feel great. ... but more importantly, at least to me, they work wonderfully! - Patty

Dear Muscle Hustle, I love you - Erin